Stock The Bus

Healthy Meal & Snack Planning and Delivery for the Touring Musician

Buying Services:  Work with client(s) to determine food and snack preferences, likes, dislikes, food allergies, food sensitivities, etc. Once these criteria have been determined we will shop for the appropriate items to Stock The Bus based on budget. Due to lack of adequate refrigeration and freezer space a larger percentage of the items will be non-perishable and fresh items that do not need refrigeration.

Each person traveling on the bus will be required to fill out a health form that will make us aware of likes, dislikes, medical issues, food allergies and sensitivities, beverage choices, etc.

All information will be reviewed via phone or Skype session in order to make best use of time.  In person meetings available upon request.

Cost: $350 + Cost of Food + Miscellaneous Items (for up to two weeks of food not to include full meals)
Special Offer: Sign up for 8 Buying Services and get the 9th free (not including cost of food).  Stock The Bus services contract for entire tour at greater discount.

Have Coach Will Travel: Same as Buying Services but includes my services as a Travel Wellness Coach to work one on one with the client(s) on the road during the tour period. Additional service may include but not limited to lite cooking, juicing, Nutrition counseling, workout guidance, lifestyle counseling, mentoring, on the road buying (keeping the bus stocked), etc.
Cost: $500/day + Cost of Food + Miscellaneous Items

Recommended Hardware & Gear
This is where I will list several options for portable refrigerators/freezers for those traveling in vans or those who might want additional storage on the bus.  There are a number of good choices.

Travel Coolers & Nutri Bullet System available. Rental fees apply.

CLICK HERE to Download a pdf version of this Pricing Information