The bus doesn’t have to mean Cheetos™ and Bud Light. With a simple sign-up, now your bus can be stocked with smarter, healthier options from the moment you hop on each week. We’ll work with you and your crew to find the perfect mix to cover everything from breakfast to snacks to after-show food so you can keep the pizza and burgers to a minimum. We even throw in a NutriBullet so you can make fresh juices, smoothies and whatever other creative stuff you want to try.

The road is a unique challenge and unless you’ve been in the music business, it’s hard to understand just how tough it can be to find healthy options out there. In our 20+ years working with artists, we’ve learned that the best way (if not the only way, realistically) to have those healthy options is to take them with you. And with Stock The Bus, that’s now as simple as saying, “Stock the bus, Lanny!”



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