How Much Does It Cost?
$1,500 for the 6 Month Program. 

The Client understands that the regular cost of the Program is $250 per month for six months ($1,500 total). However, if you register on the day of the initial Wellness Evaluation the cost is reduced to $200 per month. Payments of $200 are due on the first meeting of each month, and may be made by credit card, cash or check. If the Client selects to pay the full cost of the program on the day of the initial Wellness Evaluation, the cost shall be reduced by another $100 (for a total cost of $1,100).

In the event of the Client’s absence or withdrawal, for any reason whatsoever, the Client will remain responsible for the pro rata share of the program that has been delivered, plus a cancelation fee of $100. 

The Coach reserves the right to cancel the program if at any point she or he feels it is not advantageous for the coaching program to continue. If this happens, the Client is only responsible for the pro rata share of coaching services received. 

What is the first step?

Purchase ($100) your Wellness Evaluation form, fill it out, and email it to Lanny West. Once he has had a chance to review the information he will reach out to set up your first consultation. This meeting will be done in person and will last about an hour and a half.

If you make the decision to register for the 6 Month Program the $100 Wellness Evaluation fee will be deducted from the total cost. 

What is included in the 6 Month Program?

  1. Two 50-minute appointments each month for six months, which will include a discussion of your progress, recommendations, and a full set of notes. 
  2. Monthly special events like teleclasses, group seminars, and/or workshops related to health and wellness. 
  3. A variety of handouts, recipes, books, CDs, food samples, and other materials. 
  4. A one time food pantry and refrigerator evaluation
  5. At least one trip to the grocery store to learn how to shop healthy
  6. An invitation for guests to attend special events. 

What can I expect when working with you during a 6 Month Program

Assessment & Exploration of:
~ Once you fill out a Wellness Evaluation we will schedule our initial Wellness Evaluation Meeting to review your current status (where you are at now)
~ Where you would like to be (your well-life vision)

Development of an integrated Wellness Plan to work toward your vision:
Areas of Focus:
~ Goals
~ Action Steps

Accountability & Support:
~ Tracking
~ Follow up

Ongoing Evaluation:
~ What is working
~ What is not working
~ Modifications are made as needed

Clear Measurable Outcomes:
~ Positive Lasting Lifestyle Behavioral Change
~ Positive reinforcement and support

Remember: This will not be a cookie cutter program. Your program is designed specifically for you.

How are the meetings scheduled?

It is best to establish a set day and time for each of the 12 meetings. This way you can put on your calendar and keep that very important day and time blocked.

As your Coach, I understand that you have busy schedules and I take pride in not keeping you waiting or keeping you longer than planned. Each session will end 50 minutes after it was scheduled to begin. Please be on time. If you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment, you must do so 24 hours in advance; otherwise, you will forfeit that appointment and will not have an opportunity to reschedule it. 

The program expires if all 12 sessions have not been completed within two months after the End Date that was agreed upon. 

Once we begin the 6 Month Program when can I expect to see results?

It all depends on your current state of wellness and what goals are set.  Generally you can expect to spend at least three months with a coach before seeing meaningful progress, which is typically defined as the creation of two or three healthy new habits. And don't hesitate to end the relationship if something doesn't feel right.

Have you ever been given a list of “eat this, not that?” Have you found that making drastic changes at once are unsustainable and don’t work for you long-term? Perhaps a friend of yours lost a bunch of weight on one particular diet, but when you tried it, the results were minimal at best? That’s where health coaches come in. We help you implement small changes, little by little, at a pace that’s comfortable for you so you can meet all your health goals. We work with you to help you discover your bio-individuality. There is something that will work for you – the trick is finding it.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy or just get healthy, health coaches take the time to listen to your concerns, help you discover where and why you are struggling, and help you navigate the world of contradictory nutritional advice to figure out exactly what works for your body.

Do you share any of my information with anyone else?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! All of your information and the program details are kept private, and will not be shared with any third party unless compelled to by law or unless given written or email permission by you.

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