When it comes to making life changes, we all have the best of intentions. That’s the easy part. It’s putting it into practice where it gets hard. Tipping Point coaching is designed to help you figure out what you want, turn those intentions into tangible steps towards change and then stick to that change plan over time.

     Remember, there is no one right answer. There is only YOUR right answer. And that’s why, like all of our programs, our one-on-one coaching services are based on the concept of Bio-Individuality. Through regular sessions, we’ll create your plan and provide you with the encouragement, tips and tricks to stick to it. We can do shopping trips, cooking classes, tour weekends where we join you on the road and more. Whatever works best for you. Ultimately, we’re here to help and we’re here to listen and remind you that you aren’t alone. Because sometimes, knowing that can make all the difference in the world.


Whether working with an individual artist or an entire group, we build a program based on the principle of Bio-Individuality. CLICK HERE for full pricing information. OR if you have already decided that making this important health and lifestyle journey is right for you then fill out the email form to the right, submit it and let's get started.


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Medical Considerations: If you have or feel you have a medical condition then the first step is to seek professional medical advice. The Tipping Point Artist Wellness approach to becoming healthy works alongside - and is not an alternative to - the appropriate medical treatment or therapy.  In the area of a serious health problem Tipping Point Artist Wellness hopes to support you as you work through this serious issue with a medical professional. If you are experiencing any signs and symptoms that cause you concern then your first step is to be assessed by a functional medicine doctor.